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25 Punkte, deren Besprechung in 90% der Fälle dafür ausreicht, um eine Projektbeteiligung zufriedenstellend zu vereinbaren!

Handout by Martin Fritz for the workshop 'Abgemacht! Verträge und andere Vereinbarungen', organised by IG Bildende Kunst Vienna,April 6, 2016.

Handout as pdf in German language.

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What is a reasonable fee?

If artists are tasked with calculating a price for a performance or work, they are often left to consider the matter alone. Having to balance one’s own requirements and the assumptions of the client makes it hard to make an offer for one’s own work.
The Ratgeber Selbstständige published by mediafon GmbH (in German language), for example, provides some useful pointers on how to deal with these questions. 

In Germany, there are a number of intra-industry publications that provide some hints as well as a basis for argumentation as to what constitutes an appropriate fee in a certain situation.

  • ver.di Fachgruppe Bildende Kunst, exhibition fee (German language) 

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  • Beratungsstellen – Information Initiative Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft (German language)