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Refugees welcome

In the Refugees welcome section, touring artists provides information, tips, and experience-based knowledge geared towards refugee artists in Germany as well as people engaged in the arts and cultural sector in Germany who (would like to) work with refugees.

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The helpdesk service for individual consultations started on October 1, 2014. Find out more here

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Here you can exchange with others directly: Share your international work experiences, ask your questions, find answers. 

Welcome to touring artists!

 The information portal for artists working internationally. 

Artistic creation often goes hand in hand with cross-border work. This results in various practical issues and, under certain circumstances, even organizational difficulties for artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector, e.g., concerning social security, taxes, or insurance issues, which pertain both to work stays and collaborations within the EU and projects beyond EU borders.

Where should a dancer who lives in Germany but participates in a three-month production in Belgium pay income tax?
A Switzerland-based sculptor wants to transport art works to Germany for an exhibition. What must be considered in terms of customs and transport formalities?
What funding opportunities are available in Germany for projects abroad and how should one prepare for a stay in an artists’ residence? provides answers to questions regarding international mobility for artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector in Germany as well as those who want to work in Germany.For more information, please see: What is touring artists?

touring artists is a joint project of the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste IGBK and the International Theatre Institute in Germany ITI, initiated and supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media BKM.


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