Education and music mediation

In Germany, there are many opportunities to pursue music education in and outside of school as well as opportunities for training in the musical professions and for further and advanced training and education in the field of music.

There are more than 30 state-approved, publicly funded universities for church music, music colleges, conservatories and music academies. The range of subjects offered can vary from college to college and includes a broad spectrum of artistic, artistic-educational and academic courses of study. Several universities, comprehensive colleges and teacher training colleges also offer musicological and music pedagogical study courses.

Furthermore, there are numerous specialised training centres for music professions which are run by public and private institutions – MIZ information.

The national and state public music academies act as institutions for further education and training for amateur, up-and-coming and professional musicians:

In addition, countless training and further education opportunities are offered by freelance musicians, music educators and other professional groups in the music sector in non-profit institutions and private academies within the music industry.

Teaching in general schools focuses on all children and adolescents in their respective subject areas, including music lessons. Education in these institutions is based on an individual's right to education as well as the state's educational mandate. The legal basis for general schools lies in the state school laws, which result in very different educational landscapes and diverse forms of music instruction.
One example is the non-profit JeKits Foundation in NRW, which advises and supports schools and their extracurricular educational partners in implementing the JeKits joint music-making, singing and dancing programme as an important element of a holistic education for all children in NRW.  

Music education and cultivation of music also takes place outside of general schools:

Other public and private music schools and other music educational establishments – MIZ information

Music lessons are also offered on the open market by freelance musicians and music teachers, for whom there is no central register (MIZ – search for courses and conferences).

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