Music venues

Given the sheer size and complexity of the music sector, it is not possible to provide a comprehensive overview of music venues here. Furthermore, unlike most other arts, music can traditionally be played in any situation and anywhere. Specific music venues have evolved in each epoch, for example churches, philharmonic halls, opera houses and clubs. However, there are also countless music venues in the public space in rural surroundings as well as in urban metropolises. Even rather private spaces are increasingly being developed as venues for public music events as part of the "music in the houses of the city" (Musik in the Häusern der Stadt) concept.

List of links to selected venue networks:

  • approximately 24,000 Catholic and 20,330 Protestant churches and chapels (Source: Churches and places of worship of the Protestant Church in 2016 – EDK statistics). Many of these churches are fitted with permanent organs, as can be seen from the UNESCO publication, which counted around 50,000 organs in Germany in connection with the designation as an Intangible Cultural Heritage site in 2017.
  • Association of Music Venues in Germany (LiveMusikKommission – Verband der Musikspielstätten in Deutschland e.V. (LiveKomm))
  • Award for programme planning of independent venues (APPLAUS – Auszeichnung der Programmplanung unabhängiger Spielstätten (Initiative Musik gGmbH)) – lists of winners 2013 - 2018

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