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In the midst of the summer we are sending you touring artists newsletter and want to use this chance to highlight the new info section on the touring artists webpage: under the heading Hoşgeldiniz: Türkiye // Wilkommen: Türkei // Welcome: Turkey, artists and culture professionals from Turkey in particular will find answers to many questions which may arise when coming to work in Germany – in Turkish, German and English. And so, this newsletter also deals with the particular topic of artists and culture professionals from Turkey – arriving in Germany. Among other things, you can read our interview with Müge Olacak, artist and founding director of Atelier Muse and get to know interesting initiatives and helpful information resources.
Additionally, we keep you informed on news related to international mobility: open calls, latest changes in German law, EU cultural policy, events and announcements. And of course, we are sharing touring artists` own news and activities.


Focus: artists and culture professionals from Turkey – arriving in Germany

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Müge Olacak, artist and founding director of Atelier Muse

Dear Müge Olacak, the first time we met each other was at the beginning of this year at our Round Table on an exchange with artists from Turkey, which served as the starting point for our new section Hoşgeldiniz: Türkiye // Welcome: Turkey. Back then you had just started your 7-month fellowship at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin: When you knew you would live and work in Germany for a while, which were the biggest questions and/or challenges you were facing – when you just arrived or before you even left Turkey

Müge Olacak:
Being invited to the fellowship programme at HAU Hebbel am Ufer was a precious space opening to develop collaboration and exchange among dance and performing arts scenes of Turkey, Germany and beyond. About challenges, rearranging my works in Atelier Muse in Turkey for this period of time and preparing logistics in Germany were the main issues before I left Turkey. However I would say that the caring team at HAU and my connected network and friends in Istanbul used every means available to make my stay as best as possible. Despite having previous experience, the main issues to deal with (to be prepared for) for a long-term stay were at first the arrival, getting used to the reality of local daily life and being lonely (this is hard, especially for a social person), and for the case of Germany, cultural differences in communication style and behavior may take time and effort to adopt, not to mention the winter weather.

From your experience: is there a network in Germany which artists from Turkey can draw upon when arriving in Germany? Other artists? Institutions?

Müge Olacak:
My case was specifically frame-worked within the programme and I think HAU Hebbel am Ufer was the perfect match for me according to shared values, ways of working and content. So, having connections before arriving in Germany would be helpful. For bureaucratic info (for Berlin), the website berlin.de is pretty detailed and useful. The touring artists platform is also helpful with the focus on the arts and culture scene. Rather than focus on nationalities, I prefer to see why and what we are doing and what brings us together. Knowing why I am here and what I want to do is the key to start. Then an internet research can lead to broad information and reaching out to people without hesitation can take you somewhere because people and organisations are so open for communication and exchange. I mainly followed the contemporary dance, performance scene; shows, festivals, organisations and a research period with visits and meetings. I suggest to follow Tanzplattform Deutschland (German Dance Platform), TanzRaumBerlin platform, Tanz im August Festival, Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF) to have a broader sense of the various sizes, information, and connections these festivals and platforms offer. I also would be glad to share my experience if anyone wants to get in contact with me.

You will go back to Istanbul now to continue work on your projects, also within the context of Atelier Muse. What did you gain from the time you spent in Germany looking at your future plans?

Müge Olacak:
My eternal curiosity motivates me to make contact with people around, to observe as much as I can in my surroundings and beyond and now at last I find myself surrounded with valuable partners. This long time for my research programme in Germany has so many layers of learning from differences (not better or worse, just different) in cultural policies, behaviors in economic structures and senses of aesthetics.
I already wrote dance reviews on Gaia Dergi. More is on the way. During my time in Germany, I experimented with writing in a short, compact format on my writings and created a series called ‘Dance in Berlin in a nutshell’ as well as starting collaborations with Viereinhalb Sätze, a dance-writers platform based in Germany, which I find so valuable for means of exchange in the dance scene from various angles.
The artists I met and felt a strong connection with in Germany will be featured on our new publication Jukebox Today that I developed during my programme. The Atelier Muse structure, with a focus on mobility, a global network and strong business development experience also enables artists especially in the performing arts scene to visit, create and present their works in Turkey (especially Istanbul), Germany and beyond and in addition, provides consultancy and management support to institutions.

Müge Olacak, the Founding Director of Atelier Muse, is an arts manager, researcher and independent contemporary dance and performance artist. She received her BA in Business Administration at the Bogaziçi University and gained her marketing experience with renowned companies and projects. She studied contemporary dance at Akbank Art Center, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association and Warsaw Dance Department; she co-created the performance group SzurSure, based in Warsaw. Furthermore, Müge Olacak has the role of International Relations Coordinator and writer at Gaia Dergi. Currently, she focusses on Atelier Muse, a dream come true: a creative arts initiative based in Istanbul, which implements new approaches to arts and culture by carrying out interdisciplinary, cross-sector projects, including an artist residency program.
www.mugeolacak.com | www.ateliermuse.org



Fellowship programme Weltoffenes Berlin 2018
In the context of the fellowship programmes of 2018, artists including seven from Turkey are working at cultural organisations in Berlin. The Berlin senate administration has now published the call for applications for 2019. Find information here (in German): Funding granted in 2018, call for applications 2019, info event on 23 August 2018.

Apartment Project Berlin
The Apartment Project was founded in Istanbul in 1999 by the video artist Selda Asal as one of the first independent art rooms in Turkey. Since 2012, the Apartment Project has been established as a registered art association and project room in Berlin-Neukölln. More information here.

Atelier Muse
Atelier Muse, founded by Müge Olacak, is an art initiative based in Istanbul, which realises new approaches to arts and culture by carrying out interdisciplinary and cross-sector projects, including a residency programme for artists. More information here.

New Connections in Hannover
Since October 2017, the Landesverband Freier Theater Niedersachsen e.V. offers a networking and advice place especially aimed at refugees and emigrated theatre producers. More information here.

Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival – Turkish Programme
Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, May 2019, is an international festival of experimental film and artists’ moving image. It takes submissions from artists’ and experimental filmmakers from all over the world. This year sees the introduction of a programme, within the 2019 Festival, specifically seeking submissions from Turkish filmmakers.
Deadline for submissions: November 30, 2018; there is a fee waiver for the Turkish Film Programme.
Information here, submissions here.



Hoşgeldiniz: Türkiye // Willkommen: Türkei // Welcome: Turkey
Since the end of June, touring artists provides in this section information for artists and other persons engaged in the cultural sector from Turkey who come to Germany temporarily to work or who (want to) stay in the Federal Republic of Germany for a longer period. The information is also relevant for organisers in Germany collaborating with colleagues from Turkey. What should be considered and organised with regard to entry, residence, and work permit? What should be done in case of illness? Which tax aspects are relevant? How are professional equipment, musical instruments, and artworks cleared through customs? These and many other aspects are explained in this section – in Turkish, German and English. The section can be found here.

touring artists helpdesk service
Artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector from Turkey can also seek personal advice concerning cross-border projects and working in Germany. Consultations are currently being offered in Berlin by employees of the freelancer's cooperative SMartDe – Netzwerk für Kreative e.V. Consultations via telephone or Skype are also possible. These consultations are free of charge. For inquiries regarding appointments (for on-site consultations as well as telephone or Skype sessions), please send an email to beratung[at]touring-artists.info. Further information can be found here.

The Association Agreement between the EU and Turkey
The European Economic Community (EEC) had already signed an Association Agreement with Turkey in 1963, which was subsequently supplemented by various additional protocols and resolutions.
The primary aim of the Association Agreement was and is the strengthening of trade and economic relations. By entering into the agreement, Turkey initially committed itself to gradually establishing freedom of movement and to aligning itself with a common customs tariff. It was also intended to prepare the way for Turkey's accession to the EU. The text of the agreement can be found here.
Good to know: The Association Agreement regulates the right to employment for workers, but not the right of residence. With regard to the initial entry to Germany, the conditions of the right of residence (in accordance with the Residence Act (AufenthG)) apply, just as they would for other third-country nationals. The privileges of the Association, which include a right to extend one's stay, can be availed of only after a lawful initial entry and subject to the acquisition of a residence permit. More can be found out here.

Checkliste for relocation to Germany
This checklist gives short instructions on registering a residency, the tax number and tax identification number, the broadcasting fees, social- and health insurance and much more – for all those wishing to come to Germany. The checklist can be found here.

Compact information
The new information in the section Hoşgeldiniz: Türkiye // Willkommen: Türkei // Welcome: Turkey is also available in a compact, downloadable PDF form here (in English and German).

Call for information
In future, touring artists would like to inform about important information and advice places in Germany which offer support to artists, culture professionals and creatives from Turkey. We would be delighted about suggestions and ideas for additional information which we could provide (ideas and suggestions can be sent to info@touring-artists.info).

Berlin.de – the official city portal
Berlin.de offers information on life and culture in the city, as well answers to administrative questions – also in Turkish and other languages.



New on the website: Checklist “Foreigner Tax” (withholding tax)
The checkliste “’Foreigner Tax’ for performing artists from abroad” was compiled together with lawyer Sonja Laaser (C.O.X.legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH) and offers answers to questions such as: when is “foreigner tax” deducted performing artists and how is it calculated? When is “foreigner tax” not deducted?
Read more about “tax exemption based on DTA pursuant to Section 50 d EStG” or “tax exemption according to Section 50 (4) EstG in conjunction with the Cultural Orchestra Regulation” here.

New info for the music sector – cooperation with the European Music Council
The touring artists editorial team will use the second half of this year to build up the information on offer and to cover interests which affect the music sector. We are delighted to be working together with the European Music Council and with Birgit Ellinghaus, alba Kultur, and will keep you informed on the first publications.
Furthermore, we aim to further develop our connections with Clubcommission Berlin und MusicPool Berlin.

touring artists is part of Weltoffenes Berlin
With the programme “Economic freedom and cultural freedom”, the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe is supporting professionals in the arts, media and culture, who were forced or wanted to leave their previous country of residence, in order to find professional opportunities in the art and culture scene of Berlin. In the context of the subprogramme “Advice, Support and Networking for transnational art, media and culture professionals” and in cooperation with the Berlin Career College of the University of the Arts Berlin, touring artists can now extend the online information for refugee artists, media and culture professionals in Germany, and extent the consultation service for these creatives this year. We will be providing an update!
On 23 August 2018 an info event on the programme takes place in Berlin, where touring artists will be present as well. More information here.
Information about the programme can be found here: funding granted in 2018, calls for applications for funding 2019.

Mobility Information Points
touring artists is part of the Mobility Information Points (MIP) network. MIP are information centres and/or websites in several European countries, and one in the USA, who aim to tackle administrative challenges that artists and cultural professionals can face when working across borders. Relevant issues can be around visas, social security, taxation, customs etc. Together with other networks and organisations they advocate for better conditions for artists and cultural professionals working internationally. The MIP network is part of On the Move – find out more about the MIP and their shared self-image here.




Current Letter of the Federal Ministry of Finance on the double taxation agreement
The previous circular letter of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) on the double taxation agreement of 12th November 2014 has been processed and adapted to the current legal developments and jurisdiction. The BMF letter from the 12 November 2014 (BStBI I S. 1467) was annulled and replaced by the letter of the 3 May 2018. The information from the BMF can be found here.



European Commission: Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals – Call for tender
The European Commission has published a call for tender veröffentlicht, which will form foundation from 2020 for the mobility fund for artists and culture producers in the context of the programme CREATIVE EUROPE CULTURE. The call for tender is directed at organisation and individuals who would like to develop and test a model for individual mobility funding in 2018/2019, which would enable European artists and culture producers to work beyond boundaries. The deadline for applications ends at the end of August; the call for tender can be found here.



Exportfund – Focus Dance
There are currently three calls for applications in the context of the above-named programme of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (German Dance Association), which is directed at producers and artistic directors. Funding (of travel and accommodation costs) is provided for visits to the following events for network purposes:
internationale tanzmesse nrw, 29.08.-01.09.: Deadline July 31, 2018 – information
Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Focus Danse, 19.-22.09.: Deadline August 31, 2018 – information
TNT-Festival, 27.-30.09.: Deadline August 20, 2018 – information

Coalition for art and sustainable development COAL: COAL Prize 2018 (France)
Prize and residency at Belval estate (Ardennes), property of the François Sommer Foundation
Deadline: July 31, 2018 – information

K3 Residency Programme
Eight-month residencies (August 2019 – April 2020) to choreographers, who are currently at the beginning of their career, who have produced some choreographic work of their own.
Deadline: August 13, 2018 – informationapplication form

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa): Artists‘ Contacts
Support for working stays and working tours for exchange projects and cooperation in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, design, photography and media art; for German actors and cultural practitioners from transition and developing countries
Deadline: August 15, 2018 – information

MUSIC MOVES EUROPE – Training Scheme for Young Music Professionals
With this call for applications, the European Commission is funding education projects which cover various, cross-border formats for young music producers.
Deadline: August 27, 2018 – information

You can now apply to become one of our Twenty19 artists with a chance of having your work programmed at Spring Forward Festival next year in Val de Marne (France) and by partners.
Deadline: September 14, 2018 – information

Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Valletta
The Festival Academy calls for applications for the 15th edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers, to take place from 23 to 29 March 2019 in Valletta, Malta.
Deadline: September 15, 2018 – information application form

Scholarship for ON THE ROAD #5 München
Free continuing education and training offered by the he German Association of Independent Performing Arts (BFDK) for all creatives of the independent performing arts. From 29.10. until 01.11.2018 in Munich.
Deadline: September 30, 2018 – information

Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival 2019 – Turkish Programme
For artists and experimental filmmakers from all over the world. This year sees the introduction of a programme, within the 2019 Festival, specifically seeking submissions from Turkish filmmakers.
Deadline: November 30, 2018 – informationsubmissions



Info event
Funding programme Weltoffenes Berlin
On 23 August 2018 an info event on the programme takes place in Berlin, where touring artists will be present as well. More information here.

Experts‘ Meeting
International Meeting of Independent Performing Arts Producers, 27./28. September 2018 in Barcelona/Terrassa
The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (German Dance Association) and the Performing Arts Programme Berlin (PAP) invite producers and artistic directors to a two-day meeting, to exchange with experts in the field of production, distribution and touring, to discuss different work approaches and the profession of “producer” itself, as well as to discover the local performing arts scene and get to know the TNT festival with exclusive mentoring and international colleagues. The meeting is taking place in cooperation with the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC). More information here.

CREATIVE EUROPE supports culture. We explain how!
The Creative Europe Desk Kultur provides an introduction into the complex issue EU culture support, particularly into the programme CREATIVE EUROPE. The one-day seminars (October 9 or 10, 2018 in Bonn; October 16 or 17, 2018 in Berlin) focus on its sub-programme CULTURE. More information here (in German language).

HOPES Scholarship Fund
HOPES provides several hundred full academic scholarships to candidates at the Bachelor and Masters levels. The objective is to enable refugees of post-secondary age from Syria and young people in the host communities in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to continue their higher and further education in local institutions. More information here.

Culture Action Europe: Beyond the Obvious Conference 2018
The next Beyond the Obvious Conference will take place from October 25 to 27, 2018 in Timisoara, Romania. This year’s topic: "ctrl+shift HUMAN: Arts, Sciences and Technologies in Coded Societies". Registration is open. More information here.

Culture Action Europe and Freemuse: Listen to the Silenced
Questions of artistic freedom in Europe will be debated at the event ‘Listen to the Silenced: The state of artistic freedom in Europe‘ on September 4, 2018 at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. The debate is organised by Culture Action Europe and Freemuse and is based on Freemuse’s report The State of Artistic Freedom, 2018. Registration is open until August 25. More information here.

Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area
After Social Security, Artist Taxation, VAT and Copyright Clearing for Live Events the fifth booklet of the series – Visas for Third Country National Artists Travelling to the Schengen Area  – was officially presented by Pearle*- Live Performance Europe on the 12 April 2018 in Ljubljana in the frame of the EFA Arts Festivals Summit 2018. The booklet can be found here.

Online information
Flanders Arts Institute: Residencies & Workspaces in Flanders & Brussels
The Flanders Arts Institute launched its online tool ‘Residencies & Workspaces in Flanders & Brussels‘. It provides a mapping of artist-in-residence programmes and workspaces in Flanders and Brussels available for local and international artists in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, and music. Have a look at the tool here.

Info collection
Info collection on the situation of artists in Europe
The ITI Germany following an initiative of the European Secretariat of German Culture NGOs has published information on the status of artists and the support of the performing arts in Europe. The collection is a cooperation project with the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts ( ENICPA) and national organisations of the performing arts in several European countries as well as the German Association of Independent Performing Arts
More information here and here.

Beyond Curiosity and Desire: Towards Fairer International Collaborations in the Arts
In collaboration with On the Move and DutchCulture, IETM has published a new Toolkit for fairer international collaborations, written by Mike van Graan. The publication explores why and how artists and cultural professionals can adopt a more equitable approach to international and intercultural collaborations. Find the Toolkit here.


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