Upcoming events

Information on upcoming events – our own events or organised in cooperation with touring artists and/or IAIB.

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30 August 2021
Touring after Brexit – to Germany/to the UK

Music Pool Berlin, online workshop, English

30 August 2021
Transnational Consultation - Further Education for Advisors in the Independent Performing Arts
Within the scope of the project 'Guides to the Independent Arts Communities Berlin'

18 September 2021
Migrants Music Manifesto: Touring Artists – Info-Portal für international mobile Künstler*innen und Kreative (Präsentation)

Organiser: alba KULTUR; venue: Alte Feuerwache Cologne

23 September 2021
Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS Workshop – How to Be Part-time Freelancer

Part of ‚Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS‘ (INTRO Hamburg); online workshop, English

8 October 2021
Qualifizierungsprogramm 2021: Reisende Künstler*innen

Organiser: Landesbüro für Bildende Kunst (LaB K)/Kunsthaus NRW Aachen-Kornelimünster

27 October 2021
Über die Grenzen hinaus – Infos für international mobile Künstler*innen und Kreative

Part of ‚Jour Fixe Kultur 2021‘, Workshopreihe PRO „Professionalisierung”
Organiser: Region Aachen; online workshop