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'Country selection' provides links to organisations that offer information and/or advice on international mobility and cultural practice in the respective country.

Mobility Info Points (MIP) and associated partners

Mobility Info Points (MIP) are information centres and/or websites in several European countries, and in the USA. Hosting organisations are members of On the Move information

Belgium : Cultuurloket

Consultancies and public info sessions on legal and business matters in the creative professions area in Belgium. Detailed online information for foreign artists in Belgium, e.g. on visa, work permit, social security, taxes, status of artist, customs etc.

Focus: Information and Advice, Taxation, Social Security, Insurances, Copyright, Transport and Customs, Visa und Residence, Residencies, all Disciplines.

Czech Republic: CzechMobility.Info

CzechMobility.Info aims at helping professionals engaged in the cultural sector to deal with practical issues of mobility, like taxes, visa, insurance or contracts. Activities include online information, consultations and workshops. It is run by the Czech Arts and Theatre Institute.

Focus: Information and Advice, Taxation, Social Security, Insurances, all Disciplines.

Finland: TINFO

Online information for theatre professionals in Finland: Toolkit for Theatre Production and Mobility. The tool provides  advice on producing a stage play and taking a show abroad. Topics: budget, contracts, copyright, communication, touring etc.

Focus: Information, Funding, Taxation, Copyright, Performing Arts.

France: MobiCulture

Individual advice and training sessions as well as online information for artists and creatives coming to France; information on the procedures to follow when working in France. Fields of expertise: visa and residency permit, social security, work permits, taxes, insurances etc. 

Focus: Information and Advice, Taxation, Social Security, Insurances, Visa und Residence, all Disciplines.

The Netherlands: DutchCulture Mobility Info Point

Consultation service on international projects for creatives in the Netherlands. Individual coaching sessions, workshops and online information for foreign artists and cultural professionals working in the Netherlands as well as for cultural organisations working with foreign artists. Topics: visa and residency, working permit, social security and taxes etc.

Focus: Information and Advice, Funding, Taxation, Social Security, Visa and Residence, Residencies, all Disciplines.

Portugal: Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista - Loja Lisboa Cultura (Lisbon Culture Bureau)

The Lisbon Culture Bureau is an information service providing assistance to arts professionals and organisations on legal and administrative aspects, on funding and international mobility. Online information for foreign artists and organisations working in Portugal is at the moment available on the topics visa, residence permit and social protection.

Focus: Information and Advice, Funding, Residencies, Exchange and Networking, Social Security, Visa and Residence, all Disciplines.

USA: Tamizdat

Nonprofit organisation that facilitates and advocates for international cultural mobility and exchange. Tamizdat seeks to assist the international performing arts community in addressing problems presented by international borders, and U.S. immigration policy and procedures.

Focus: Information and Advice, Visa and Residence, Performing Arts

United Kingdom: Arts Infopoint UK, Wales Arts International

Pilot initiative to support the arts sector with information on practical issues relating to artist mobility and visits to the UK.

Focus: Information and Advice, Visa and Residence, Taxes, Social security

Associated partner organisations

Motovila, Slovakia

Theatre Union of the Russian Federation, Russia

Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Poland

Scensverige/ ITI Sweden

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