International health insurance for individuals insured in Germany

Statutory health insurances in Germany provide benefits only within the EU and EEA countries and in some countries with which social security agreements (cf. contract states, or the individual contracts - in German only) that include health insurance have been concluded (for example, Tunisia, Turkey, Israel…). The latter, however, covers only those benefits that would be paid by the local health insurance. Any potentially necessary medical evacuation is not covered. This also applies to the privately insured. Prior to any trip, one should thus inquire with one's health insurance about covered benefits and possibly purchase additional international health insurance coverage. This applies especially to travel to countries outside the EU. Some international health insurances cover the occupational risk.

Additional international health insurance coverage costs approximately 10 euros per year depending on the insurer. One should keep in mind, however, that such plans usually provide coverage for only 42 consecutive days (up to 56 days with some insurance companies), i.e. for a maximum of six to eight weeks. However, several trips a year, each up to the maximum number of days, are covered by such plans.  

One can find experienced providers based on the June 2012 results of Stiftung Finanztest or contact an insurance broker. 

More expensive individual coverage must be purchased for longer trips (longer than 42 or 56 days). The insurance providers usually offer coverage on a daily or monthly basis. Such a health insurance plan can be purchased for a maximum period of five years.  

Long-term international health insurance – a rough, non-binding price overview

-Stays up to 365 days: approx. 1.00 euro per day / approx. 3.50 euros per day starting at age 65
-Stays between 365 days and five years: higher rates apply


Notes for collectives, orchestras and theater companies etc. that give guest performances abroad 

It is advisable for collectives, orchestras, companies etc. with salaried artists to purchase all-inclusive health insurance coverage. Likewise, health insurance coverage should be ensured for self-employed artists and creatives that travel abroad on behalf of the collective, the company etc. – even if the client, i.e. the collective or company is not obliged to provide such coverage. The collective/company can purchase the policy for self-employed individuals who are German residents. Self-employed individuals who reside outside of Germany must purchase their own. Companies, orchestras etc. should make proof of international health insurance coverage a condition for the work contract. Alternatively, they should ensure that the production contract contains a clause stating that the artist or creativ bears the sole responsibility for obtaining all necessary insurances.  

Especially collectives and companies with self-employed artists and creatives who reside in different countries should find out in advance what is required and what documents the respective organizer requires from each individual. 

Please note: 

A travel health insurance is mandatory in some countries for getting a visa (including the visa regulations in Germany and the Schengen area (see visa insurance)).

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