Visa insurances

When applying for a visa for Germany or the Schengen area, the applicant must prove health insurance coverage for the duration of his/her stay in Germany. This coverage may be purchased in the country of origin or in Germany or in another EU country. A minimum coverage of €30,000 and validity in all EU countries are required. The option of so-called visa insurance exists (depending on the individual needs, this can be combined with travel accident insurance or travel liability insurance coverage). Such insurance should be purchased in Germany, if possible, and the policy made available to the travelers upon entry because settlements with travel insurance providers in the countries of origin can be very complicated in case of damages.

a rough, non-binding price overview
 (health insurance only)
-31 days: 28.00 euros / approx. 53.00 euros starting from age 65
-180 days: approx 225.00 euros / 440.00 euros starting from age 65

-up to 365 days: 1.55 euro per day / 3.00 euros per day from age 65


Some insurance companies offer special insurances for scholarship holders.

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