Group foundation - May 18, 2021, 5-7pm

You are a dance group, an artist collective, or a band and you try to get a legal form (i.e. in order to apply for funding)? All the different legal forms in Germany leave you with a big question mark? The upcoming MONTHLY MEET-UP for transnational artists in Berlin aims to shed a light on these issues and the related challenges. If you are interested in participating please write an e-Mail with the subject 'Meet Up' to info(at)
Rupay Dahm will give you an overview on the different legal forms: What is a GmbH, a GbR, Genossenschaft or a Verein? Which form is suitable for your group? He will give insights into different issues that follow the first step: What are the pros and cons of each legal form? What are the steps of the founding processes? What does the legal form imply for the internal organisation and social architecture?
Rupay Dahm is specialized lawyer in employment law and advises self-organized organizations, cooperatives, and employee-owned enterprises in their start-up phase, in the founding process, in choosing a legal form, in questions of corporate law, in drafting internal agreements as well as in methods of self-organization.
The MONTHLY MEET-UP is a network meeting for transnational artists that are new in Berlin, organized by touring artists/IAIB in cooperation with the Landesmusikrat Berlin e.V..
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About the Monthly Meet-Up

The MONTHLY MEET-UP is a network meeting for transnational artists in Berlin, organized by IAIB/touring artists in cooperation with the Landesmusikrat Berlin. It will give you the chance

• to get advice on administrative questions relevant for your artistic work in Berlin (such as tax number, KSK (social security fund for artists) or visa issues)
• meet members of Berlin’s art institutions and get to know their work
• meet fellow artists and support each other
• visit shows, performances and exhibitions together

The MONTHLY MEET-UP currently takes place online. Please follow us on facebook for further information.