Internationalisation: Basics

When: January 17th, 2022, 5pm-6.30pm

Where: Online via Zoom, for registration please send an e-mail to info(at)touring-artists.infoinfo(at)

As an artist, the internationalisation of ones one work can be an important step in the career.

The Monthly Meet-Up in January will be the starting point of a couple of workshops in 2022, that will focus on different aspects of internationalistion, with a special perspective on Non-EU-citizens. For the first workshop, we will give an overview on the different, important topics, such as adminstrative questions (i.e. visa/work permits, taxes, social security) or funding and we will exchange with people from the scene about tipps on networking and personal developement.

Jana Grünewald will present the funding program Kreativtransfer and tell us about her experiences how good networking can also be created by visiting festivals and fairs.

Godlive Lawani works as an agent and producer in the field of performing arts in addition to her work as a freelance dancer. As manager of the Physical Momentum Company and founder of the agency Stane Performing Arts, she will share her experiences on internationalisation.

The event will be held as an online event via zoom. If you are interested in participating, please send a short e-mail to 'info(at)'.

About the Monthly Meet-Up

The MONTHLY MEET-UP is a network meeting for transnational artists in Berlin, organized by IAIB/touring artists in cooperation with the Landesmusikrat Berlin. It will give you the chance

• to get advice on administrative questions relevant for your artistic work in Berlin (such as tax number, KSK (social security fund for artists) or visa issues)
• meet members of Berlin’s art institutions and get to know their work
• meet fellow artists and support each other
• visit shows, performances and exhibitions together

The MONTHLY MEET-UP will continue from January 2022, initially in digital format. First half of the year will focus on the internationalization of one's own work. We will start on 17th January with a workshop to introduce the basics of internationalization,  administrative issues will be discussed, time for networking and exchange will be provided. We will inform you via Facebook and on our website about the dates, registration and our guests.