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Author: Jana Grünewald, Berlin

The Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG) (English: German Travel Expenses Act)


Changes to the Bundesreisekostengesetz of January 1st and Novemver 1st 2014. 
These are amended on this page.


Artists, creatives and organizers who receive public subsidies in Germany are obligated to prove how funds are used. Travel expenses for funded projects must be billed according to the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG; English: German Travel Expenses Act). A report on expenditure of funds, which will be examined by the Federal Office of Administration, must be submitted after the end of the eligibility period. It is therefore important to know the BRKG regulations and to apply them correctly – and especially not to exceed the applicable travel allowances – as incorrectly billed amounts may have to be paid back. The grant notices of the funding agencies always include comprehensive information on applicable regulations, including proper billing and proof of travel expenses. 


  • To avoid mistakes, it is advisable to contact the relevant employees of the funding agency in case of doubts or questions. 

  • Independent travel cost-related regulations apply in some federal states, while in others the BRKG applies with only slight modifications. 

Below you will find information on the most important provisions of the BRKG, which must be observed by publicly funded artists and creatives, regarding: 

Travelling within Germany
Travelling abroad

Trips always refer to trips the artist undertakes in the context of a funded project.

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