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Dear artists and friends of touring artists, dear funders,

We are looking forward to our symposium “Brexit - opportunities and perspectives in the cultural sector” on artistic collaborations between Germany and the UK, which will take place in Hamburg on 20 and 21 September, partly part of the Reeperbahn Festival.
We are also very pleased to announce the launch of On the Move's “MIP-Amplifier (MIP-A)” project. With this project, we will make the activities of the MIPs more visible – in cooperation with On the Move, Motovila and the network of Mobility Information Points (MIP).
Information on this you'll find in this newsletter. In addition, we will again draw your attention to upcoming events and keep you up to date on news from the legislature and the administration as well as on open calls.

We’re also very happy to announce that On The Move received the WOMEX 23 Professional Excellence Award - congratulations!

Enjoy this newsletter and all the best,
Your touring artists team



Here you can meet touring artists in the near future:

24 August 2023: #5 Get connected! Networking in Berlin’s creative and cultural scene
Networking event (on site) for Berlin’s creative and art scene. Use this opportunity to meet established Berlin-based artists and cultural professionals from different art scenes who moved to Berlin from another country, and learn from their experiences.
The event is part of the event series „Get started! First steps in self-employment“ by Kreativ Kultur Berlin in cooperation with touring artists. With this series of online and offline events, we offer insights on various topics crucial to establishing your self as a freelance artist in Berlin.
Information is available here.

11 September 2023: MONTHLY MEET-UP – Working as a visual artist in Berlin
Our next MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working as a visual artist in Berlin" provides an opportunity for visual artists, curators and professionals from the visual arts world to meet and network. Our guests at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin will be:

  • Andrzej Raszyk (Bezirksamt Mitte of Berlin/Fachbereich Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte),
  • Bettina Weiß (Netzwerk Freier Berliner Projekträume und -Initiativen),
  • Frauke Boggasch (bbk berlin) and
  • Linnéa Meiners (ACUD Galerie).

The MONTHLY MEET-UP is a networking meeting for transnational artists who are new in Berlin, in cooperation with GOETHE-INSTITUT IN EXILE.
Information can be found here; registration via this link.

20/21 September 2023: Brexit - opportunities and perspectives in the cultural sector – touring artists/Brexit Infopoint symposium in Hamburg
Our symposium “Brexit – opportunities and perspectives in the cultural sector“ will take place in Hamburg, partly part of the Reeperbahn Festival. This is what we can expect:

Programme 20 September, Kampnagel:
The first day will feature several small panels bringing together experts on topics such as festivals, artist residencies and municipal cooperation. In addition, working groups will be formed to facilitate networking and provide space for discussions with a view to the future. Participation is free of charge; we kindly ask for registration via our website.

Programme 21 September, Pauli Spirit:
Several keynotes focus on practical information on cross-border cooperation. Cultural actors will share their experiences on topics such as entering the UK, customs issues, etc. Experts from business and politics will discuss challenges and perspectives for the cultural sector in the wake of the Brexit. The second day can be attended by Reeperbahn Festival delegates and also by interested people outside the festival.

Details will be available soon on the Reeperbahn Festival website and at touring artists.

Save the date
11/12 October 2023: BFDK – Conference “Systemcheck“ in Berlin
The Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (National Association for the Independent Performing Arts) invites you to a conference dedicated to the research project "Systemcheck" at Podewil, Berlin, to discuss the working conditions and the access to social security for workers in the performing arts scenes in Germany. Research results and resulting recommendations for action will be presented.
More information; register here.

Also of interest >>>

19 September 2023: Starting your own business as a freelance musician
Seminar by Landesmusikrates Berlin within the scope of “Musikarbeitsmarkt transnational“ in Berlin.

News/ Updates

The project MIP-Amplifier (MIP-A) aims to facilitate and optimise the mobility in the EU of artists and culture professionals, by supporting, in a more documented and visible way, reliable, free and accessible tailor-made information. The project covers all arts and cultural sectors. The project’s leader is On the Move, together with two Mobility Info Points (MIPs), Motovila (Slovenia) and touring artists. The project has three main objectives:
1) To empower recent MIPs to strengthen their capacity to better serve the sector in all its diversity and to help develop potential new MIPs in other EU countries, through a MIP handbook that would contribute to strengthening coherent and coordinated actions among existing and future MIPs. This MIP handbook (or knowledge transfer tool) will be conceptualised through a training in Ljubljana in September 2023.
2) To reinforce the visibility of MIPs and their related action through a dedicated landing page and microsite that provides easily accessible information and tailor-made support to artists and culture professionals, while redirecting them to the relevant MIP and/or key resources. The website will be active and online from 20 November 2023.
3) To advocate for fairer access to rights and information for mobile artists and culture professionals, through a first consolidated data report, compiled through a new data collection tool, that would inform further policies at EU and national levels.
The project is expected to culminate in an MIP workshop in Brussels on 20 November 2023, coupled with a presentation of the project results on 21 November 2023 to EU and national official representatives, European cultural networks and advocacy platforms.

The project “MIP-A“ is supported by ECAS-European Citizen Action Service. More information can be found here. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in attending the presentation of the project results in Brussels on 21 November 2023.

The new Skilled Immigration Act at a glance
Make It In Germany provides an overview of the planned new regulations, which will gradually come into force from November 2023.

Künstlersozialabgabe at 5.0% in 2024
The levy rate for artists' social insurance will remain unchanged at 5.0% in 2024.
The KSK announces this here.

Cross-border commuters and home office & social security
Since July 2023, employees are allowed to remain socially insured in the state where the employer is based when working from home abroad under new conditions. The work of cross-border workers in a home office abroad (at their place of residence) can now comprise up to 49.99% of the total activity for the social security legislation of the state in which the employer is based to be applied. Previously, the activity in the country of residence was not allowed to exceed 25% of the total activity, which would have led to a change in the responsible country. The regulation is linked to a special regulation during the Corona pandemic and will now apply more permanently.
Information and conditions and exceptions are provided by the DVKA here; more information is also available here.

Electronic application for a Carnet ATA now possible in Berlin
Artists who temporarily send or take artworks, equipment, etc. to a country outside of the EU customs area often use an ATA carnet. Carnets usually have to be filled out manually on paper. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Berlin is now accepting electronic applications. More information here.

Airport transit visa for Cuban nationals
Since the end of July 2023, Cuban nationals require an airport transit visa when they pass through a German airport – via the international transit area – to travel to a country outside the Schengen area. There are exceptions to the rule if, for example, travelers hold a valid Schengen visa. The German Embassy Havanna informs here.

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) – travel authorisation for Europe
From 2024, the EU Commission will introduce an electronic registration procedure for short stays in a Schengen member state. The ETIAS travel authorisation will be necessary for people who were previously able to enter without a visa for a short stay.
Myths and facts about ETIAS: follow this link.

Open calls

20 August 2023: Beta Festival x Transmediale Residency

30 August 2023: HBK Braunschweig – Curator Fellowship

31 August 2023: Künstlerhaus Schöppingen – Residency program 2024

31 August 2023: Chemnitz 2025: Cross-border cooperation with partners in Czech Republic, Poland and Germany

10 September 2023: CTM 2024 Radio Lab - Hybrid Radio/Live Works

12 September 2023: European Media Art Platform – Residencies 2024

15 September 2023: Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt

19 September 2023: Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt – Fellowship-program "Weltoffenes Berlin"

19 September 2023: Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt – Support Program “Advice, support, and networking for transnational professionals working in art, media, and culture”

22 September 2023: S+T+ARTS AIR Residencies on ‘Resilient Interspecies Urban Ecosystems’ and ‘Human AI Ecosystems’

30 September 2023: ShUM-Artist in Residence

International calls for applications for mobility funding can also be found on the website of On the Move.

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