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Dear artists, dear partners and friends of touring artists, dear funders,  

On May 9 and 10, 2023, touring artists was on the road in Tunis at On the Move's Cultural Mobility Forum 2023. The inspiring discussions around transnational artistic mobility and environmental sustainability - with a focus on the Global South - will be uploaded to OTM's YouTube channel in the coming weeks.   
Below you'll find a few event listings from touring artists and other organizations in June. We'll also keep you posted on news and updates on our website, as well as open calls for proposals that might interest you.  

We hope you enjoy reading!  

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Here you can meet touring artists in June 2023: 

14. June 2023: Performing Arts Programm (PAP) online workshop: Working abroad - what do I have to consider? (in English) 
Guest performances or other artistic activities outside Germany are increasingly common. Which administrative regulations must be observed when working abroad? This workshop will explain the following basic principles: invoicing abroad (VAT in an international context), foreign withholding tax, coordination of social security in Europe and (self) posting with an A1 certificate, right of residence in states outside the EU as well as customs law, with a focus on applying for carnets. The workshop is aimed at artists living in Germany who are planning projects outside Germany. 
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What else is happening: 

31. Mai-12. Juli: #Workshop-Serie “How to Study at UdK Berlin” 
The workshop series of the Artist Training Berlin "How to Study at UdK Berlin" provides further information about the offers at UdK Berlin from April to November 2023 for artist in exile. Four workshops are in collaboration with the International Office, Student Office and Common Ground.  
In each event will be a general overview with Prof and students from each faculty at the beginning, a tour through the building of the faculty and an art session at the end. 
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02 June 02, 2023: Dance in Focus - 3rd Round Table Dance Archives and Dance Collection.  
The focus of the third round table is the topic of possibilities for cooperation between dance archives and archives of broadcasting and media institutions in order to make the cultural heritage of dance jointly visible in the long term. Which ways of cooperation can be found when it comes to the holdings of dance archives in exchange with holdings of the archives of media institutions? Where do holdings complement each other? What are the interests and desires of the artists in this area - also beyond research? The meeting is aimed at archivists from cultural and media archives, artists and academics, journalists, film and television producers and filmmakers.  
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touring artists news/ updates

Advisory services and contact points in Germany 
An overview of advisory services and contact points on administrative issues (predominantly without reference to foreign countries) in Germany specific to the sector and on contacts in the (regional) scene can be found here. Some of them offer individual consultations, professionalisation programmes etc. 

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Visas: Mobility from African Countries to Schengen Countries: Host Organisations and Artists 
The aim of the questionnaires, coordinated by On the Move, is to collect information about the nature of problems related to visas encountered since June 2019, as well as their related impacts for host organisations and the invited artists and/or culture professionals. The date of June 2019 as a reference period has been used because it is linked to the start of the implementation of the revised Schengen Visa Code. 
Questionnaires are available here

Open calls

31 May 2023: Kreativ Transfer - Funding of travel expenses for participation in international fairs and festivals and funding of strategic projects for international marketing, networking and professionalization for operators of project spaces and producer galleries.  

31 May 2023: Culture Moves Europa – Call for individual mobility of artists and cultural professionals 

1 Juni 2023: Musicboard Berlin – Residencies 

15 June 2023: Culture Moves Europe: Call for residency hosts 

20 June 2023: Berlin Music Commission – Music Ambassador 

30 June 2023: Kunststiftung NRW – Work and research grants 

1 July 2023: Kulturstiftung Freistaat Sachsen – Residency scholarships 

20 July 2023: Kreativ-Transfer – Travel grants for participation in international fairs and festivals, performing arts 

20 July 2023: Kreativ-Transfer – Funding for strategic projects for international marketing, networking and professionalisation, performing arts 

15 August 2023: ifa – Exhibitions abroad + Artists‘ contacts 

31 August 2023: Künstlerhaus Schöppingen – Fellowships 2024 

31 August 2023: Chemnitz 2025: Cross-border cooperation with partners in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany 

touring artists helpdesk service

As part of the touring artists consulting service, individual consultations are available free of charge by telephone and e-mail on international projects and work stays abroad. To register, please visit our website at or send an email to Please note: the helpdesk service will not be available between 21 - 28 April. The waiting time for appointments may be slightly longer. 

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