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Dear artists and friends of touring artists, dear funders,

Recently our symposium "Brexit - Opportunities and Perspectives in the Cultural Sector" on artistic collaborations between Germany and the United Kingdom took place. You can find a first impression of what happened further down in the newsletter. We also have some exciting events coming up that we would like to inform you about.

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Here you can meet touring artists in the near future:

11 and 12 October 2023: BFDK – Conference “Systemcheck“ in Berlin
The Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (National Association for the Independent Performing Arts) invites you to a conference dedicated to the research project "Systemcheck" at Podewil, Berlin, to discuss the working conditions and the access to social security for workers in the performing arts scenes in Germany. Research results and resulting recommendations for action will be presented.
More information; register here.

24. October 2023: value added tax in the international context: theory & practice
VAT regulations for cultural workers in the performing arts are already difficult to understand on a national level. It gets even more complicated when we are confronted with invoicing for international productions. After a short recap on the general meaning of VAT, we will address the following questions: How does value added tax work in an international context? What is the reverse charge procedure? What is B2B and what is B2C? Are there any exemptions? What do I have to pay attention to when paying the tax? What has to be considered with regard to funding?
Further information and registration

Also of interest:

11. October 2023: Symposium accompanying the Theaterpreis des Bundes
Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation – Kooperationen gestalten und verhandeln
Accompanying the Federal Theater Prize 2023, the symposium will discuss the transformative potential of cooperative forms of work on a national and international level. What effects can medium- and long-term cooperations have for the establishment of sustainability, eye level and multiperspectivity - and what challenges do they bring with them? To what extent do these parameters foster new aesthetic and organizational forms of work?
Further information and registration

13. and 14. Oktober 2023: Barcamp accompanying the award ceremony of the German Dance Award 2023. 
Position: Tanz #6 Förderungen
With the Barcamp 23, we offer a participatory platform for people working in dance and those interested in dance.
Funding content, funding structures, funding strategies are the common thread running through the two days.
It is about exchange of experiences, discussion and networking around the topic of sociatal importance of dance - relevance, conditions, visions and shaping of development processes - in more than 25 participative workshop sessions.
Further information and registration

25. October 2023: Workshop Social Security and Pensions against the Background of Diversity Aspects in Europe
With the project visual artists I diverse conditions, IGBK examines the conditions of artistic work in Europe from the perspective of diversity in 2023. What impact do characteristics such as age, gender, origin/language and geographical location (or place of residence) have on the work of visual artists in addition to country-specific cultural policy, art policy and socio-political conditions? To what extent is the presence or absence of diversity structures in institutions, for example, noticeable in the work of artists?
Further information and registration

News/ Updates

Review of the conference "Brexit: Opportunities and Perspectives in the Cultural Sector"
We look back on two successful conference days in Hamburg!

On 20 and 21 September, touring artists and the Brexit Infopoint invited numerous experts to the conference "Brexit: Opportunities and Perspectives in the Cultural Sector" in Hamburg. A total of 8 experts met at Kampnagel on 20 September to discuss topics such as festivals, funding opportunities and municipal cooperation with regard to the changed situation since Brexit. In a workshop, all participants were able to get to know each other and delve into specific issues. 21 September was dedicated to the Reeperbahn Festival. With four keynotes, from visas to taxes, experts provided practical and helpful information for music makers in the Pauli Spirit at Spielbudenplatz. A closing panel, moderated by Steve Blame, also dealt with the question of which perspectives and opportunities for improving cooperation with the UK could arise. Of course, the touring artists team also invited to a reception with the British newcomer act KEIR. The programme and information about the experts can be found here.

The symposium was also recorded and will soon be available online. The insights gained from the talks will also be recorded in a summary conference paper and published on the touring artists website.

New text on the touring artists page: "Merchandise and the Swiss border"
In the article Mathias Kom reports about his own touring experiences and merchandise with his band The Burning Hell using Switzerland as an example. 
You can find the whole text here.

Notification of the expected annual income 2024 from artistic or journalistic activities to the KSK now possible
At the beginning of the month, the annual requests for the submission of the declaration of the expected annual work income 2024 from self-employed artistic or journalistic activities were sent to over 190,000 insured persons. 
As of now, online reporting is also available again. The deadline for submitting the report is 01.12.2023.
You can find more information here on the ver.di website.

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