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Vaccinations help to better protect oneself from certain diseases. The website of the Foreign Office provides vaccination recommendations for specific countries (in German only). The Institute of Tropical Medicine also provides detailed information about the risks in different countries and regions and offers vaccination consultations (20 to 25 euros) both online and in person. One may also seek advice from public health departments and general practitioners. Some health insurances cover the cost of the often rather pricey vaccines, so inquiring is recommended.

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Advice on membership in the Artists‘ Social Security Fund and social insurance in general

mediafon, the advisory service of ver.di for individual self-employed persons assists freelancers with a variety of questions, including matters relating to social insurance (subject to fees!).

Artists who are members of an artists‘ association should use these contacts and seek advice about the enrollment procedure in advance. 

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Bühnenversorgungskammer (chamber for social benefits and pensions of German stage workers)

The chamber for social benefits and pensions of German stage workers offers salaried employees of German theaters additional coverage to the statutory pension insurance for retirement, in case of disabilities, and for death. (Bayerische Versorgungskammer - German only).

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