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Exploitation rights

Relevance: Copyright

Exploitation rights are part of the German Copyright Act (§ 15ff. UrhG). They grant the originator the exclusive right to exploit his/her work or to present it in public. Exploitation rights include the right of reproduction (§ 16 UrhG), right of distribution (§ 17 UrhG), right of exhibition (§ 18 UrhG), the right of recitation, performance and presentation (§ 19 UrhG), the right of making the work available to the public (§ 19a UrhG), right of broadcasting (§ 20 UrhG), the right of communication by video and audio recordings (§ 21 UrhG), the right of communication of broadcasts and of works made available to the public (§ 22 UrhG), adaptations and transformations (§ 23 UrhG) and the right to free use (§ 24 UrhG).
A distinction is made between primary, secondary and tertiary exploitation rights.
It should be noted, however, that there are certain limitations with regard to exploitation rights (see Limits of copyright).

Source: UrhG, edited and translated

Displaying results 1 to 1 out of 1