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Webinar: U.S. visas for performing artists

Visa issues are making many artists think twice about performing and touring in the U.S.

While there are indeed some significant new challenges, it is important for artists, agents and managers to be aware the exact nature of those challenges, and understand the legal strategies being used to keep the U.S. open to international artists.

This webinar by Matthew Covey, executive director Tamizdat, navigates you through the labyrinth.

A cooperation with the Mobility Info Point cultuurloket.

Online submission of the visa application

Visa applications for stays in Germany can be submitted online and are available in different languages. Additional documents must be completed in accordance with the requirements of the local office and a personal interview is still necessary. 

The application forms can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

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Online scheduling options of embassies and consulates

Many German embassies and consulates offer an online scheduling system. Relevant information can be found on their respective websites.  

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Visa agencies and processing times

One should allow for long processing times for visa applications! Visa agencies sometimes serve as mediators for the embassies and consulates. 

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Consular protection for EU citizens in non-EU states

All EU citizens who are in a non-EU state in which their home country does not have diplomatic representation have the right to protection by any other EU member state’s diplomatic or consular representation.

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Police registration

Some countries (e.g., China) require police registration for longer stays. When staying at a hotel, said hotel takes care of the registration process, but if staying in a private apartment, the visitor to the foreign country has to handle any registration requirements personally.  

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E-Government law in Germany

On August 1st 2013, the E-Government Law to advance electronic administration as well as to change additional regulations came into effect in Germany. The law’s objective is to ease electronic communication with the administration. E-government allows citizens and businesses to utilize administration services easily, quickly and independent of location and office hours by using electronic information technologies. This means: from an application to a notification, everything is done electronically. Electronic certifications can be presented online, identities can be guaranteed with an ID’s online function and secure De-Mail offers an electronic alternative to letters. Additional information and FAQs can be found on the German Federal Ministry of the Interior’s website.

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Travel and safety tips of the Federal Foreign Office

The website of the Federal Foreign Office contains travel and safety tips and requirements for German travelers sorted by country.  
 These include current medical information, general travel information, entry and exit requirements, special customs regulations, possible travel warnings, etc.

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Consultation offices and online information on visa issues in EU countries

Individual EU countries also offer initiatives and artists’ self-organizations for non-binding consultations regarding specific questions concerning the application of the 2009 Visa Code or have published practical information on this subject (see a list of some offices here).  

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72 hours visa-free transit stay in China

For travellers from Germany, a three day visa-free transit stay in China is possible in: Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian und Shenyang. Requirements are a direct connecting flight to a third country and, if applicable, a avalid visa for this country. In addition one has to register at the police within 24 hours -when staying in a hotel, the hotel will take care of the registration.

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Entry into the U.S.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

League of American Orchestras/Association of Performing Arts Presenters
Information on the entry of artists and creatives into the United States

Tamizdat Inc./Tamizdat Artist Services LLC
 – non-profit consultation organization on U.S. visas

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