Artists and creatives with German citizenship travel to non-EU countries to engage in artistic activities

A visual artist from Essen plans a work stay in the U.S. Over a period of half a year, he/she will be working at various locations: a six-week stay at an artists’ residence in Portland, combined with a grant from the organizer, supervision of two workshops at a university in San Francisco on a fee basis, and the setup of a group exhibition, also in San Francisco. What kind of residence title must he/she apply for? 

Travels of German artists or creatives to one of the approx. 140 non-European countries and the approx. 10 state-like structures (such as Taiwan, North Cyprus, the Palestinian territories, Western Sahara) to engage in artistic activities require detailed inquiries with the responsible diplomatic representations in Germany.   

The spectrum of visa procedures and required documents is so broad (for example when comparing Uzbekistan and the United States or Indonesia and China), that no detailed advice can be given. This also applies for visa extensions, the possibility of express visas, or “visa on arrival,” at the border or an airport of the host country. 

Germany maintains diplomatic ties with numerous countries represented by embassies and consulates that should be contacted as early as possible for further information. Their websites often list all information, prices, and conditions concerning visa procedures. 

General travel and safety tips can be obtained from the Foreign Office and the German embassies and consulates.

At the travel and safety tips of the Foreign Office one can also find visa requirements for German nationals for all countries. Direct link to the country list. (German only)

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