Artists and creatives with EU citizenship travel to Germany to engage in artistic activities

In Germany, the same rules that apply to EU citizens also apply to German citizens in other EU member states (see Artists and creatives with German citizenship travel to other EU countries to engage in artistic activities). Exceptions and special rules in Germany are explained in the following examples.   

A Croatian video artist has been invited to a six-month stay at an artists’ house in Leipzig. He/She receives a stipend from the organizer. What rules must he/she observe?

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Territorial access to Germany and compulsory registration

Germany has no three-month rule for the registration of EU citizens. Rather, they are subject to the general compulsory registration procedure, which is regulated by the Melderechtsrahmengesetz (English: legal framework for registration).  

The following applies: Anyone moving into a domicile must register with the local registry office and anyone who moves out of a domicile and does not move into another domicile in Germany must de-register. Change of residence within Germany merely requires that one notify the registry office at the new place of residence of the address change. 

The Landesmeldegesetze (English: state registration laws) of the 16 federal states specify the legal framework for registration. Different rules can apply, depending on the place of residence. Registration deadlines and procedures can be found at the registry office of the (planned) place of residence or on the website of the municipality/city (see local authority finder - in German only).

The Croatian artist in our example must therefore register at the registry office (usually found in the so-called Bürgeramt (English: citizen center) in Leipzig.
 Ask the host, whether she or he might do that!  

More information about the EU work permit is available on the website of the European Commission, and in the Guide 'Working in Germany'.  

Information on procedures, requirements, deadlines, etc. can be found on the service page of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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