Information on legal and administrative questions for artists and creatives in Germany who work abroad for a limited time and for foreign artists and creatives who work in Germany temporarily.

Information and orientation for artists and creatives who had to leave their home country for political reasons and now (want to) live and work in Germany – and especially in Berlin.

معلومات للفنانين*ات باللغة العربية

Information for artists and creatives from Turkey who come to Germany temporarily to work or who (plan to) stay in Germany for a longer period

Türkiye’den Almanya’ya kısa süreli çalışma ya da uzun vadeli yerleşme amacıyla gelen sanatçılar için bilgi sağlanmaktadır. 

Individual consultations for artists and creatives free of charge, personally in Berlin or via e-mail, telephone, Skype or similar.