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Dear artists and friends of touring artists, dear funders,

Spring is coming and touring artists is on the road again! In April, you can meet us in various cities in Germany and talk with us about international cultural work, touring and the associated administrative topics.
In addition, touring artists will be travelling to the Cultural Mobility Forum in Wales to meet with the Mobility Information Points (MIP) and exchange ideas on the topic of cultural mobility beyond internationalisation. Information on online participation can be found below. 

Enjoy this newsletter and all the best,

Your touring artists team



Here you can meet touring artists in the near future:

25. April 2024: International touring - what do I need to consider? I Köln
touring artists is part of the NEW TALENT programme at the c/o pop Convention in Cologne, facilitating the workshop "International touring – what do I need to consider?".
The workshop will provide an overview of the administrative hurdles one can encounter when travelling internationally as a musician and offer space for questions in an "ask me anything" format.

29. April 2024: Mobthly Meetup I Berlin
We look forward to seeing you again at our MONTHLY MEET-UP in April. The film sector in Germany offers many different opportunities in Germany; sometimes so many opportunities that you don't know how best to orient yourself. How can I realize my own film project? How can I do this if I have not yet received any major funding or do not have any equipment at my disposal? How can I place my films at festivals? What other opportunities are there to work with film?
Our guests will give us insights into their working environments and share tips and tricks from their own practice. We will also have time to get to know each other and network. 

29. April 2024: touring artists - artistic project abroad
Mobility is a central aspect of artistic practice. Do I remain insured through the KSK if I am travelling to Japan for a year? How do I organise a stay at an artist residency in Belgium? How do I take my artworks abroad? These and other questions will be discussed during the workshop - in cooperation with touring artists - which is aimed at artists who work in an international context and/or co-operate with international partners.

29 April 2024: Touring: International // Information point & advice from touring artists I Stuttgart
Do you have projects abroad and want to know how health insurance works? The theatre in France requires forms with strange names? Are you planning an event in Germany, inviting artists from abroad and finally want to know how the so-called "foreigner's tax" works?
A pop-up advice centre at the 10 tage freischwimmen double festival offers you the opportunity to get free information and advice on your questions.

13. May 2024: Info Session How to artists-in-residenc I digital
An informative crash course with the touring artists team on things we always wanted to know about "How to become an artist-in-residence": How and where can I find a suitable residency programme at home or abroad? Are there quality criteria? Can I bring my family? Are material costs reimbursed or maintenance paid? Are there any hidden costs? Are travel costs covered? Which residency programmes really make sense and why?
The Landesbüro für Bildende Kunst (LaB K) NRW offers artists in North Rhine-Westphalia a mobile platform for advice, further education, debate and exchange on art and society.

You can also find all the information on our website.

Also interesting: 

25. and 26. April 2024: Cultural Mobility Forum in Wales I digital
As part of its multiannual programme co-funded by the European Union, each year On the Move proposes a Cultural Mobility Forum to collectively investigate international artistic and cultural mobility trends. As a unique knowledge platform, the network works together with its members and partners to design thematic panel discussions and contextualise global mobility issues addressed in On the Move’s annual Cultural Mobility Yearbook. The focus 2024 is 'Cultural mobility beyond internationalisation'.
Registration for online participation

30 April 2024: Webinar How to ... Reisekostenabrechnung? I digital
A webinar organised by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland as part of Kreativ-Transfer. Experts from transmissions are invited.

16 May 2024: BBK ProTalks - Internationalisation I digital
A workshop in the ‘ProTalks’ series of the Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler in cooperation with the IGBK on the topic of internationalisation . 

23 May 2024: Kreatives Europa Kultur I digital
Event organised by the Creative Europe Desk in cooperation with Kreativ Kultur Berlin on European funding opportunities in the cultural sector (including the Culture Moves Europe and Europäische Kooperationsprojekte programmes).


News/ Updates

New at touring artists:

Hint to touring artists Step-By-Step Guide 
This guide is intended to provide an initial overview for your international activities and point you towards the relevant texts on our website where you can find more detailed information. Questions such as 'what do you need to consider when travelling' and 'what do you need to take care of when planning' are answered here step by step.  

Checklist for temporary work in Switzerland (in German)
KulturHub (Switzerland) and touring artists (Germany) have developed a new checklist. It is aimed at artists and cultural professionals from Germany who are working temporarily in Switzerland and explains administrative procedures and regulations for cross-border work.

Innovations and changes:

Exemption limit for withholding tax, § 50c Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 2 Satz 1 und Satz 2 EStG (no change due to VA) 
In practice, this regulation primarily applies to remuneration debtors with changing, low-paid creditors (e.g. payments from publishers or broadcasters for the transfer of image rights). § 50c EStG (the German Income Tax Act) allows the debtor of the remuneration to waive the tax deduction under certain conditions. One of these conditions is that the amount, including the tax to be paid in accordance with § 50a EStG, does not exceed EUR 5,000. This limit is increased to EUR 10,000. Applies to remuneration received after 31.12.2023.

New BMF letter dated 12 December 2023 on the tax treatment of income from employment in the case of a double taxation agreement (DTA) 
The Federal Ministry of Finance has published a new letter on the tax treatment of foreign-related income from employment. A summary of the most important points can be found on the Haufe platform. 

VG Bild-Kunst: Registration deadline 2024
The reporting deadline for the 2023 usage year is 30 June 2024, by which time members of VG Bild-Kunst can submit their reports for 2023 in order to receive a distribution.


Open calls

26. April 2024: KulturPakt – Ausstellungsprojekt Grenzüberschreitungen

28. April 2024: Kunst Raum Mitte – Research Residency

30. April 2024: circusnext Open Call 2025

01. May 2024: Impuls Neue Musik – Förderung Austauschprojekte

05. May 2024: Open Call: companionship programme - transnational contexts & relations

15. May 2024: Kulturstiftung des Bundes - Mentoring-Programme for Disabled Leadership

15. May 2024: Gwaertler Grant

15. May 2024: Culture Moves Europe – Call for Residency Hosts

19. May 2024: Europe Beyond Access – coproduction

31. May 2024: Culture Moves Europe – Individual Mobility

Current international calls for mobility funding can also be found on the website of On the Move. Cultural Mobility Information Network.  


touring artists helpdesk service

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