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Dear artists and friends of touring artists, dear funders,

We are in touch with exciting news and information about calls for proposals. 
We look forward to meeting you at upcoming events and hearing about your exciting projects. 
Below you will find things that have changed with the start of the year. We also have some exciting calls for funding for you!

Enjoy this newsletter and all the best,

Your touring artists team



Here you can meet touring artists in the near future:

24. April 2024: touring artists at Start Art Days Düsseldorf
We will provide an overview of our information and helpdesk service and highlight important aspects of international cultural work. Focus: administrative questions that arise in cross-border work for artistic, curatorial and organisational practice.
In the afternoon there will be space for individual consultations.

25. April 2024: International touring - what do I need to consider?
touring artists is part of the NEW TALENT programme at the c/o pop Convention in Cologne, facilitating the workshop "International touring – what do I need to consider?".
The workshop will provide an overview of the administrative hurdles one can encounter when travelling internationally as a musician and offer space for questions in an "ask me anything" format.

29. April 2024: touring artists - artistic project abroad
Mobility is a central aspect of artistic practice. Do I remain insured through the KSK if I am travelling to Japan for a year? How do I organise a stay at an artist residency in Belgium? How do I take my artworks abroad? These and other questions will be discussed during the workshop - in cooperation with touring artists - which is aimed at artists who work in an international context and/or co-operate with international partners.

13. May 2024: Info Session How to artists-in-residenc

An informative crash course with the touring artists team on things we always wanted to know about "How to become an artist-in-residence": How and where can I find a suitable residency programme at home or abroad? Are there quality criteria? Can I bring my family? Are material costs reimbursed or maintenance paid? Are there any hidden costs? Are travel costs covered? Which residency programmes really make sense and why?
The Landesbüro für Bildende Kunst (LaB K) NRW offers artists in North Rhine-Westphalia a mobile platform for advice, further education, debate and exchange on art and society.

You can also find all the information on our website.

News/ Updates

New at touring artists:

Update: Information on VAT in Germany
We have revised and expanded the information module on the basics of VAT in Germany. The information can be found here.

Brexit Infopoint: transportation of works art, merchandise etc. from the UK to the EU for sale
Merchandise, art, equipment in your luggage. Entry to Germany via France or Belgium. Support from customs agents. Shipping by courier or parcel service - information on these topics can be found here at Brexit Infopoint.

News and changes:

Introduction of a new specialised IT procedure for the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern
A new specialised procedure is currently being developed for the BZSt, which will lead to a number of changes. The most important changes are listed on the BZSt website. As soon as the launch date has been set, corresponding information letters will be sent to taxpayers who have a tax number for tax deduction under § 50a EStG with the BZSt by this date. The current plan is to go live with the procedure at the end of February 2024.

Protection status of refugees from Ukraine extended until March 2025 
The BMI has announced that the residence permits of refugees from Ukraine who have fled the Russian war and are receiving protection in Germany are valid until 4 March 2025.

Lump sums for business trips abroad 2024
Communication from the Federal Ministry of Finance on lump sums for additional subsistence and accommodation expenses for business trips abroad from 1 January 2024

Künstlersozialabgabe at 5.0% in 2024 
The Künstlersozialabgabe rate will remain unchanged at 5.0% in 2024. The KSK provides information here.

Minimum wage and mini-jobs 
Since January, the legal minimum wage for employees in Germany has been 12.41 euros gross per hour. A FAQ on the minimum wage in Germany can be found on the website of the Bundesministeriums für Arbeit und Soziales.
As a result, the earnings threshold for mini-jobs has risen from 520 euros to 538 euros per month (information).

Künstlersozialkasse: Report payments subject to levy in 2023 by 31 March 2024
Companies liable to pay the levy must notify the Künstlersozialkasse by 31 March 2024 of the amount of remuneration paid to self-employed persons for artistic or journalistic services or works in 2023. 

Bulgaria and Romania - Removal of checks on persons at the internal air and sea borders to the Schengen area 
The EU Member States have agreed to remove checks on persons at the internal air and sea borders of the EU between Bulgaria and Romania and the countries of the Schengen area from 31 March 2024.

Modernisation of nationality law
The Bundestag has finalised and passed the reform of the nationality law.

The State Office for Immigration (LEA) is now also Berlin's naturalisation authority
The State Office for Immigration (LEA) has been the central naturalisation and citizenship authority in the state of Berlin since 1 January 2024. Responsibility for the tasks under the Citizenship Act (StAG) has been transferred from the Berlin districts to the LEA.

The new Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz makes it easier for skilled workers with professional training and people with practical professional knowledge to immigrate to Germany. The new law continues and partially expands existing regulations for skilled workers with university degrees, such as the EU Blue Card. It will also be possible to search for a job with a new opportunity card.

Increase in USA visa fees
The U.S. government released its final ruling, announcing changes to the filing fees for many visa petitions that will take place on April 1. 


DTD: Taxes in Germany
In this workshop we will dive deep into the world of taxation of performing artists in Germany. First, we will deal with status issues: When do artists have to be employed, when can they be self-employed? Then you will learn how income tax works for employees and self-employed, with a special focus on "hybrid" workers who regularly work in both statuses at the same time. For the self-employed, there is an overview of sales tax in Germany, including information on possible exemptions (such as the small business regulation). At the end, there is an outlook on what you need to know regarding international taxation when it comes to activities abroad.

DTD: Social Security in Germany
This webinar deals with the basics of the German health insurance system. You will learn the difference between private and statutory insurance, how health insurance for employees works and the basics of the “Künstlersozialkasse” (KSK). As in the webinar on taxes, special attention will be paid to "hybrid workers" who work both as employees and as self-employed. You will also get a general overview of the German pension insurance system, the “Versorgungskammer der deutschen Bühnen”, unemployment insurance and other insurances. At the end, there will be a short overview of the coordination of social security in Europe, which is important if you work outside Germany.

Open calls

19. March 2024: European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists

24. March 2024: Pina Bausch Zentrum - FRAGILE – FOR YOUNG CHANGEMAKERS!

31. March 2024: Perform Europe

31. March 2024: CreArt Residency in Regensburg

15. April 2024: Schloss-Wiepersdorf-Stipendien 2025

26. April 2024: KulturPakt – Ausstellungsprojekt Grenzüberschreitungen

05. May 2024: Open Call: companionship programme - transnational contexts & relations

15. May 2024: Kulturstiftung des Bundes - Mentoring-Programme for Disabled Leadership

31. May 2024: Culture Moves Europe – Individual Mobility

Current international calls for mobility funding can also be found on the website of On the Move. Cultural Mobility Information Network.  

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