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Dear artists and friends of touring artists, dear funders,

The year 2023 is slowly coming to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to look back a little on the events and developments that have happened at touring artists this year. We'll also share some of the latest news with you and draw your attention to interesting calls for proposals that go beyond the turn of the year. 

But we also want to take this opportunity to say thank you! Thank you for the lively exchange, the exciting tips and the motivating feedback. Thank you that we can also learn from each other! 
We look forward to working together in 2024 and wish you a good start!

Enjoy this newsletter and all the best,

Your touring artists team


Review 2023

Here is a brief wrap-up of developments in 2023:

Demand for the free touring artists advisory service continues unabated: over 1,100 consultations were held in 2023, more than ever before.

One focus of touring artists' work was the topic of Brexit. In September, a two-day symposium was held in Hamburg (Kampnagel and as part of the Reeperbahn Festival). Recordings of the symposium will be made available shortly.

As part of the extensive relaunch of the touring artists online portal, new texts were published alongside a customizable online guide, including an introduction in simple language and sign language.

The touring artists team was involved in over 40 events. Six "Monthly Meet-Ups" were held in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Exile for artists and cultural professionals who had recently moved to Berlin. In collaboration with Kreativ Kultur Berlin, the multi-part workshop series "Get Started!" on the topic of self-employment was offered in the summer.

For the project Systemcheck of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK), touring artists wrote a text for the publication "Am äußersten Rand? Marginalized Actors in the Performing Arts and Barriers to Access to Social Security Systems" (pdf download).

The international working group of Mobility Information Points (MIPs) coordinated by touring artists under the umbrella of On the Move 2023 met at the Culture Mobility Forum in Tunis in May and at the presentation of the results of the MIP-Amplifier project in Brussels in November.

The ECAS-funded MIP-Amplifier project, in cooperation with the Slovenian MIP Motovila, produced a handbook for organizations that want to launch a new Mobility Information Point in their country. In addition, a joint data collection was launched for consultation cases and events, the preliminary results of which were made available in a report. In order to increase the visibility of the Mobility Information Points, a new landing-page was created.



Here you can meet touring artists in the near future:

29. Januar y2024 Monthly Meet-up  “Games”
The independent games industry is a rapidly developing sector, and Berlin is one of its vibrant centers. The field is not only interesting for programmers, but also for artists, especially designers, visual artists, storytellers and authors, and of course musicians and composers. We would like to bring you into contact with personalities from the scene who can provide insights into their own work experiences. How do you contact game producers? How can you gain experience? What challenges do the various fields of work entail?

Wintertime means virus time and that's why we decided to hold the workshop online. Nevertheless, we hope to get to know you and have a great exchange.

Green on the road with the Goethe-Institut
At the end of January 2024, we invite the Goethe-Institut, Music Department, to present the funding program "Grün unterwegs" in an online info session. The program is aimed at musicians, composers and ensembles and supports sustainable concepts for travel in Europe.
We will inform you about the date at the beginning of January via our event calendar and of course in the next newsletter.

Also of interest:

04./11./18. January 2024 Creative Europe Desk Kultur: Q&A sessions on the application process for European cooperation projects, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

30. January 2024 Arts Infopoint UK International Artist Mobility Coffee Morning: Electronic Travel Authorisation


News/ Updates

Pearle News: New infographic on visas for third-country national artists travelling to the Schengen area
This new infographic presents in a visual way the steps to follow when a third-country national has to apply for a Schengen visa. It is based on the EFA-Pearle* “Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers: Visas for third-country national artists travelling to the Schengen area” developed in the framework of the Creative Europe project "Revealing the Alliance" that runs from 2022 to 2024.
This visual guide also explains the 90/180 day rule which applies to any third-country national visiting the Schengen area and as a novelty, includes information about ETIAS which is a travel authorization system which visa-exempt third-country nationals (such as from UK) will need as from mid-2025 onwards.

Protection status of refugees from Ukraine extended until March 2025
Under the Ukraine Residence Permit Continued Validity Ordinance, residence permits for temporary protection that are still valid as of 1 February 2024 will be automatically extended until 4 March 2025. These were and are granted in accordance with Section 24 (1) of the Residence Act for foreigners who have travelled to Germany due to the war in Ukraine. Refugees do not need to visit the relevant foreigners authority for an extension.

Standard allowances for additional subsistence expenses and accommodation costs for business and company-related business trips abroad

EP resolution on EU framework for artists and cultural professionals in the CCS
On 21 November the European Parliament adopted a resolution on an EU framework for working conditions for artists and cultural professionals in the CCS. The text was voted for by 68,5% of MEPs (433 in favour, 100 against, 99 abstentions). According to the EP, the cultural and creative sector lacks decent work, decent pay standards and social protection and the differences between national laws create unfair situations.
The EP calls for a directive on decent working conditions, including the determination of employment status, the setup of a platform to collect data and monitor the situation across Europe, and the introduction of Europe-wide standards. The support and establishment of Mobility Information Points is also mentioned.
The European Commission is requested to respond to the calls formulated in the legislative own-initiative report of the EP within three months.

Survey on the status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals in Europe
Panteia and Culture Action Europe are carrying out a study regarding the status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals in Europe. They have developed a survey that invites artists, cultural and creative professionals and cultural organisations and institutions to share their experience in regard to working conditions in the sector as well as future actions to address the challenges faced by artists and creative professionals.
The link for the survey for artists and cultural and creative professionals can be found here.
The link for the survey for cultural organisations and institutions can be found here.

Frequently asked questions about the situation in Israel (DVKA)
Frequently asked questions on the subject of insurance in connection with the situation in Israel are dealt with here.

Extension of the pilot project to suspend the remonstration procedure when issuing Schengen visas
The Federal Foreign Office is extending the pilot project to suspend the remonstration procedure when issuing Schengen visas from January 1 to June 30, 2024 to all visa offices in Ghana, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, Tunisia and Vietnam. Remonstration procedures have so far been suspended at the visa offices in China, Morocco and Turkey.

Instructions: A1 application in the new SV-Meldeportal
With the A1 certificate, employees can prove that they are covered by social insurance in their home country when traveling abroad on business. This means you do not have to pay double social security contributions. You can send an A1 application to your health insurance fund or the relevant social insurance institution via the social insurance registration portal. You can find step-by-step instructions via the link.

Guide to fees in English abridged version
The BBK Bundesverband last published a "Guide to Fees" for visual artists in December 2022. Here you can now download an abridged version of the guidelines translated into English (PDF, created together with the BBK Bundesverband). This short version was created for non-German-speaking artists who exhibit in Germany, but also for comparison in an international context.

Is it necessary to pay social security contributions for influencers?
Influencers are people who report on certain topics in social media. The following article by Kanzlei Laaser discusses whether artists' social security contributions have to be payed for influencers.


Open calls

3. January 2024: Danse Élargie 2024 (France): Call for Submissions

6. January 2024: LIVEMX Project funding

7. January 2024: Theatertreffen 2024: Open Call International Forum

7. January 2024: Open Call for Entries for European Media Art Festival Experimentalfilm Workshop e. V.

14. January 2024: Open Call: "Bridging The Scenes" Delegation Trip to the Malá Inventura Festival 2024 in Prague for Berlin based Producers and Curators in the performing arts field

15. January 2024: Kulturstiftung der Länder - Scholarships abroad for artists in the fields of architecture, visual arts, literature and music (study visits in 2025/2026)

15. January 2024: Performing Arts Programm (PAP) Berlin - Open Call for Instructors for Qualification Formats Beginning in 2024 – declaration of interest

15. January 2024: Tanzplattform Bern 2024: Open Call for Choreographers

16. January 2024: Culture Moves Europe – Call for Residency Hosts

18. January 2024: Kreativ-Transfer - Funding for travel expenses for participation in trade fairs and trade fair-like events/ Funding for strategic international marketing, networking and professionalization projects for gallery owners

23. January 2024: Creative Europe KULTUR – European cooperation projects

28. January 2024: ID Israeli-German Festival: Call for Submissions – Artists Showcase

31. January 2024: JOINT ADVENTURES: International Guest Performance Fund for Dance

31. January 2024: Creative Europe Desk: European Platforms

04. February 2024: Kreativ-Transfer - Funding for travel expenses for participation in trade fairs and trade fair-like events/ Funding for strategic international marketing, networking and professionalization projects project spaces / producer galleries

20. February 2024 Kornhausresidenz

24. February 2024: European Cultural Foundation Culture of Solidarity Fund - Just Transition Interregional Edition

31. March 2024: Perform Europe

31. May 2024: Culture Moves Europe – Individual Mobility


Current international calls for mobility funding can also be found on the website of On the Move. Cultural Mobility Information Network.  


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