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Social security

International activities have an impact on social security coverage. The texts in this module explain the aspects that need to be considered – both by artists who work internationally and by organizers hiring international artists.

In general, social security is a system of governmental programmes that protect individuals in case of illness or unemployment and after retirement. Although each country manages social security benefits in its own way, there are also a number of supranational regulations in place aimed at guaranteeing social protection when working or staying in another country while also avoiding double insurance coverage.

  • Any artist working within the EU/EEA must comply with national legislation as well as all applicable EU regulations. In general, each Member State has its own social security system. The EU coordinates these systems based on certain rules and determines which state is responsible for providing social security coverage in a given case. The decisive factor here is the status of the artist in their own country, i.e. whether they are employed or self-employed, and how any activity abroad is classified.
    The regulations are not entirely straightforward. The Working abroad in an EU country section explains how they work and what artists and organizers need to consider in the case of temporary business activities abroad in the EU/EEA (known as posting) or in the case of several simultaneous business activities in different EU/EEA countries (ordinary activities in two or more states).
  • Those who work or live in a third country and come to Germany temporarily have to observe national legal regulations while also complying with the regulations of any existing bilateral social security agreement regulating which country is responsible in which areas.
    The Temporary working relationships between Germany and countries outside the EU section outlines the aspects that need to be considered by individuals working between Germany and third countries – with or without social security agreements.
  • Do you or any foreign guests need an additional international health insurance policy? If so, the information in the International health insurance section will be of interest.
  • Artists and creative professionals who come to Germany for an extended stay will find information on social security coverage in Germany here. This section also explains the Social Security Insurance for Artists and Writers, which is important for self-employed artists and publicists.

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