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Insurance issues are of great importance for international artists and creatives. Almost all insurances are voluntary (with a few exceptions, such as automobile insurance and statutory health insurance for employees) and the self-employed are faced with different insurance issues than employees - for example, the need for professional liability insurance. Often, artists and creatives are only confronted with these issues in case of problems or if the foreign partner demands proof of insurance.

A dance troupe from Germany is invited to France for guest performances on four evenings. The French organizer requests proof of a particular engineering insurance for these performances, as well as organizer’s liability insurance with a coverage of €300,000, which the troupe does not have. What are the options?

During an exhibition in Berlin, the work of an Italian artist is stolen. What insurance would apply here?

Insurance requirements for international artists, creatives and organizers

Artists and organizers have to decide what risks they can and want to obtain coverage for. Job-related insurance includes professional liability insurance, organizer’s liability insurance, and possibly insurance plans that protect against damages that arise especially as a result of transport. Non-professional health insurances, accident insurances, and disability insurances, as well as liability insurances are personal insurances but no less important. 

These insurances are sometimes valid Europe-wide or even worldwide. The geographical scope of the insurance must be adapted to the risk. This means that insurance policies need to be adjusted accordingly in the event of international activities. If an insurance policy has already been taken out, it should be reviewed and possibly expanded for worldwide coverage together with a broker or insurance agent.   

The large number of insurance provider makes it difficult to navigate the wide range of insurance products and to find the most efficient coverage for one’s needs. It is therefore advisable to contact an independent broker specialized in insurance for the cultural sector. Consultations are normally free of charge.