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Know-how for artists working between Germany and the United Kingdom

Our Brexit Infopoint

A residency in Wales, an exhibition in Germany, a German-British cooperation project ... after Brexit, new administrative regulations apply and there is often uncertainty among artist and cultural actors. 

Brexit Infopoint aims to provide information and advice to artists, creatives and organisers in the cultural sector on administrative issues relating to cross-border work between the UK and Germany or the Schengen area.

We inform and consult on the following topics:

  • Entry, residence, and work permits
  • Transport of works of art, equipment, and merchandise
  • Questions on health insurance and other insurances
  • Tax (withholding taxation, value-added tax)
  • Contracts
  • Research on funding opportunities (export, travel and transport funding, funding of projects abroad)

Our target groups are:

  • Artists and organisers from the UK traveling to Germany (and to other countries in the EU and the Schengen area) for work,
  • Artists and organisers from Germany traveling to the UK for work,
  • Institutions and organisers in Germany cooperating with artists and creatives from the UK,
  • British artists residing in Germany protected by the Withdrawal Agreement

Individual Consultations

Our help desk service offers individual orientation consultations. The service is free of charge and available in English and German upon request via e-mail, on the phone or online. For an appointment, please e-mail or use this contact form.

Information Online

Our website contains texts, handouts, and checklists that provide easy-to-understand information on the topics listed above. References to further reading, contact persons and responsible offices in the relevant administrations are included. The information pool, bilingual in German and English, is currently under construction. 


We offer workshops (online and offline) on our range of topics for all target groups and sectors, in both mobility directions (Germany to the UK and vice versa). Workshops can consist of a general introduction to the most important changes. Individual topics (such as the new entry regulations for British nationals into the Schengen area) can also be presented in detail. 

Our Network

We work with a broad network of experts for all topics and with our colleagues at other national Mobility Information Points (a working group which is part of On The Move). We have a wide range of contacts, including with sector-specific organisations, in Germany and the UK.
The network supports us in ensuring that information is up to date, and tailored to the cultural and creative sector.


Disclaimer: We expressly point out that the advisory services are provided by non-lawyers and therefore no legally binding information is given. The information provided is only intended to provide indications for the specific case of use and serves as orientation and suggestion. ITI Germany, IGBK, and Dachverband Tanz do not accept any liability for their information and advisory services - except in cases of intent and gross negligence. This applies in particular with regard to the topicality, suitability and completeness of the published and transmitted information.

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