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Liability insurances

In Germany, liability is provided for by law; this is defined in the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB; English: Civil Code). This means that an individual who inflicts harm on another person by their own conduct or omission must compensate the other person for any damages. They are liable for damages. They may purchase liability insurance to protect against claims. Liability insurance is responsible for examining the legal situation, warding off unjustified claims, and covering legitimate claims. 

One distinguishes between personal, professional (professional liability insurance), and operations liability insurances (public liability insurance/organizer’s liability insurance).

There is no liability insurance that covers all possible liability claims. Any risk must be insured individually.  

The liability system is not standardized across Europe. The relevant law of the respective member states of the European Union applies. The German-speaking countries have very similar systems. (Useful information can be found on the European Job Mobility Portal at

As a rule, protection under liability insurance purchased in Germany remains valid for up to three years in other European countries and for up to one year outside of Europe. Please inquire!  


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