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Visa - Residence

Questions regarding entry and stay are part of the nature of international artistic activities. Different residence titles such as visas, work permits, etc. are relevant for different countries. 

The EU treaties guarantee the freedom of establishment and services and the freedom of movement for workers, which grant any EU citizen the right to live and work in another EU country. 
German nationals are required to obtain visas for trips to many non-European countries; an appropriate residence title is necessary to be able to work there. 

Artists and creatives who are not EU citizens need a valid residence title for entering and staying in Germany. The conditions are set out in the European and national laws, the EU Visa Code, the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement, the Schengen Borders Code, and the Law on the Residence, Economic Activity and Integration

An independent dance company based in Munich hires an Indian dancer, a French choreographer and an Irish musician on a fee basis. They will rehearse in Germany for two months and then go on a month-long tour through Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Ireland. What visas or work permits do they need?

An artist from Iraq is invited to Germany for a period of two weeks for setting up his/her exhibition pieces and participation in the subsequent opening of the exhibition. On the day following the opening, he/she gives a workshop as part of the exhibition, for which he/she receives a fee.

Answers to these and similar questions can be found in this module.