Author ‚Social insurance in Germany‘ and ‚Artists‘ Social Security Fund‘: Dr. Carroll Haak, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Berlin
Author ‚Working abroad in an EU country‘ and ‚Working beyond the EU‘: Bernd Christl, Pension consultant specialising in health and long-term care insurance as well as supranational and intergovernmental law, Sinzig

International mobility and social security

Social legislation is largely subject to national laws: Although health insurances, pension schemes, and unemployment insurances are not standardized within the EU, they are coordinated by EU regulations. 
In countries outside the EU, varying regulations apply or social security systems exist only in certain areas or not at all. Germany has concluded social security agreements with a number of countries that also govern coverage of internationally active artists and creatives. 

Example 1: 
A German freelance dancer visits the Czech Republic for several months to work there. Does he/she remain insured in Germany? Does Europe have a unified social security system? (see social security in Europe)

Example 2: 
A freelance video artist insured in Germany visits Indonesia for one year to produce documentaries and film shots for an Indonesia-based festival organizer. He/She receives a service contract. Does his/her compulsory coverage from the Artists’ Social Security Fund remain in force? (see social security beyond the EU)

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